Data: Ukraine war fallout


Data file for report Ukraine war fallout – Disruptions in global trade of forest products

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Section Page Contents
1: Trade restrictions following invasion of Ukraine
13 Russia, Belarus and Ukraine forest products export and import
15 Russia, Belarus and Ukraine forest products trading partners
2: Russian forest industry and exports
17 Russia’s share of global wood resources
18 Russia’s annual allowable cut and harvest by Federal District
19 Russia’s registered removals of industrial roundwood
20 Global softwood sawlog and pulplog prices by region
21 Estimated domestic end-use of Russian wood supply
22 Russian government’s Strategy 2030 for forest sector
23 Capital investment in Russian forest industries
24 Russian Ruble exchange rate
25 Russian forest product exports by value
3. Impact on softwood lumber markets
27 Softwood lumber exports from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine
28 Russian softwood lumber export by cluster
31 Softwood lumber imports to China, Japan and South Korea
33 European softwood lumber demand and supply, and share of global export
36 European softwood lumber overseas export markets
37 Canada softwood lumber exports and US softwood lumber imports
4. Impact on pulp, paper and paperboard markets
41 Russian pulp exports by grade and market
42 China pulp imports by grade and market
43 Global bleached market bleached kraft pulp capacity and softwood price premium
44 Russian paper and paperboard exports by grade and market
45 Russian kraftliner capacity and exports by destination
46 Global kraftliner trade flows and regional balance
5. Impact on log and chip markets
49 Russian log and chip exports
50 Russian log exports
52 China and Finland wood imports from Russia
53 Finnish forest industries’ wood consumption
54 Finland hardwood log supply by source
55 Finland chips supply by source
57 Finland forest growth and drain, over time and by species
59 Northern European hardwood log trade flows
61 Finland’s hardwood log consumption by industry, and pulp and paper grade
62 China softwood log imports