Data: Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) facilities


Database of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) facilities globally, current and planned 

Excel data file with more than 120 facilities worldwide.

Last updated May 2024

USD 395


  • Project owner
  • Location (town, state, country, world region)
  • Technological pathway (HEFA, Fischer-Tropsch, PTL/e-fuels, ATJ)
  • Feedstocks
  • Biofuel mix made (e.g. SAF, Biodiesel/HVO, Biogasoline, Naphtha, Biopropane)
  • Status (Operational, Construction, Planning)
  • Expected year online
  • Investment cost (if disclosed)
  • Capacity (000 tonnes / million liters / million gallons) by year 2022-2030
  • Including details of projects expected online after 2024