Data: European wood pellet prices


Monthly price data for European wood pellets

Excel data file with historical data, updated Q3 2023: 495 USD

Please contact us if you are interested in an annual subscription with quarterly updates: 995 USD per year.

Price series included

Country Segment Price point Attributes History
Netherlands Industrial CIF ARA Import, bulk shipments 2009-2023 Q3
Germany Residential Delivered Enplus A1, loose, up to 6t, within 50km 2007-2023 Q3
Germany Industrial Delivered Loose, min 26t order, within 50km 2016-2023 Q3
Austria Industrial Delivered Loose, min 17t order 2010-2023 Q3
Austria Residential Delivered Loose, 6t order 2017-2023 Q3
Switzerland Residential Delivered Loose, 6t order 2008-2023 Q3
Sweden Residential Delivered Loose, min 3t order 2006-2023 Q3
Sweden Industrial Delivered Loose, min 15t order 2009-2023 Q3
Sweden Residential Delivered Bags, 16 kg 2009-2023 Q3
France Residential Delivered Loose, 5t order, within 50km 2007-2023 Q2
France Residential FOB Sacks on pallet at seller’s depot 2007-2023 Q2