Data: Central European softwood supply


Data file for report Central European softwood supply – Constrained industry growth post-bark beetle

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Section Page Contents
1: Central European forests and forest industry
12 Central Europe forest species mix
13 Global industrial roundwood production, 2020, by region
14 Global softwood roundwood supply and export, 2020, by region
15 Global softwood sawlog and pulplog prices
16 Public forest ownership in Europe
17 Central European private forest ownership by size class
18 Central European softwood roundwood demand and supply, import by source
19 Use of roundwood (wood in final products), 2020, Central Europe and peers
20 Estimated Central Europe roundwood supply and demand, 2020
2: The spruce bark beetle outbreak
27 Bark beetle damage by province, Austria
28 Historical beetle damage versus mean annual temperature, Austria
29 Forest disturbances 2010-2017 (pre-bark beetle outbreak)
30 Timber damage in Central Europe, by cause
31 Roundwood harvested due to forest damage, Germany
3: Impact of the bark beetle on wood markets
35 Beetle damage and harvests, Central Europe
36 Roundwood removals, Central Europe – By country
37 Roundwood removals, Central Europe – By grade
39 Industrial roundwood supply-demand balance, Central Europe – 2015 and 2021e
40 Softwood log trade, Central Europe, 2020
41 Major Central European softwood log trade flows
42 Wood in forest products, Central Europe
43 Softwood sawlog prices in Central Europe
4:  Outlook for Central European wood supply
46 Beetle-damaged timber in Central Europe
47 Beetle damage and harvest in British Columbia and Central Europe
48 Central European roundwood harvests, 2015-2022f
50 Central European forest growth (NAI) and fellings – Scenarios
51 Central European wood supply scenarios, post-outbreak (softwood + hardwood)
54 Central European forest growth (NAI) and fellings – By country
55 Russian log exports
5: Implications for European markets
59 Softwood sawlog prices, 2000-2025f
60 Softwood pulplog prices, 2000-2025f
65 Central Europe fiber demand and supply
6: Implications for Global markets
71 Central European softwood log exports
72 China softwood log imports
73 Germany softwood log exports and prices
74 Central European softwood lumber demand and supply
75 US softwood lumber imports
76 Softwood lumber exports from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine