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Below are examples of some of our recent projects. References available on request.  

Wood fiber supply assessments

  • Assessments of supply, competing demand, and price outlook for pulplogs and chips, for due diligence of pulp mill acquisition.
  • Stress testing of planned investments in pulp mill expansion.
  • Outlook for regional pulpwood markets, for reviewing and adapting sourcing strategy and organization for a pulp mill. 
  • Location selection for biographite manufacture based on local wood markets, electricity costs and carbon footprint.  

Bioenergy markets

  • European wood pellets market outlook, including demand forecasts, import needs, and raw material supply potential. 
  • Outlook for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) markets (with Fastmarkets) including demand, technology and cost, raw materials and supply projections.
  • European biomass outlook (with RISI) including 10-year forecasts for demand, supply potential and cost curves.

Government industrial policy

  • Review of forest industry performance and success factors, including R&D / innovation, education, taxation and support, to inform policy development for the Canada BC forest products sector.

Foreign aid design

  • Design of a development support system (matching grants) for the forestry and wood products industry in southeastern Europe.

Digital forestry opportunities

  • Opportunity sizing and market entry strategy for a digital solutions provider, including forest protection, forest inventory and operations planning.  
  • Overview of precision forestry solutions globally, their full value potential and state of implementation. 

Pulp and recycled paper markets

  • Impact of China’s restrictions on recovered paper imports on pulp demand.
  • Outlook for global pulp markets, including demand, supply and pricing.

Graphic paper

  • Development of an algorithm to predict likely graphic paper mill conversions to pulp and paperboard, analysis of impact on pulp/paperboard markets. 
  • Bottom-up modelling of COVID-19 impact on US graphic paper demand.

Examples of recent clients

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